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Jesta takes questions

Here you can ask Jesta anything you like and get a real, personal answer! Ask me anything you want - it can be about my music, life, trousers, desserts, whatever! Unfortunately SoundCloud's audio question service is currently not available, but you can type a question using the form below from Reverbnation. If the form foesn't display please click here instead.

Previous questions and answers

Would you ever come to NY ?

I'd LOVE to come! Maybe once live concerts and touring ramp up I'll find my way over there.

What was the worst advice you've ever received?

That's hard. Perhaps it was "Be Yourself" because really they should have said "Better Yourself".

If you could only read one magazine for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Terribly geeky I know, but it would be Sound On Sound the studio recording magazine.

Who was the best teacher you've ever had?

At school - Miss Sweeney - everybody loved her and she never talked down to us. After school - Gary White was the first person to teach me audio production. Although he was around to answer any questions I had he pretty much left me to get on with it, learning from my own mistakes and that turned out to be a pretty effective teaching method all round!

What's the tastiest thing you've consumed this week (food or drink)? (by TheWineyard)

I've been quite partial to Chicken Tikka Masala this week, but was also quite surprised by the packs of Wild Nuts I picked up at Tesco - quite a unique product and unlike other nut mixes etc. on the shelves. (UPDATE - March 2013 - Unfortunately they don't seem to be available anymore!)

Are you any good at art?

Yes. My speciality is tracing. I may open a gallery of my tracings one day. No, actually I'm pretty rubbish. I have very poor painting and drawing skills.

What music are you listening to today?

Today I've been listening to a song by hard rock band Lenticular Ego - mainly because I'm guest vocalist on it!

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?

Tea. Does that count as a food? If not then it would have to be something that I wouldn't get sick of. Probably olives, salmon or pineapple.

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be?

1) My subconscious self - boy I've got some questions for him! 2) Stanley Unwin - I could listen to him talk about anything 3) Gonzo from The Muppets - I really identify with him. Why? I don't know I was hoping I'd find that out from interviewee number 1!

What are your personal worst conditions for singing during a recording session? Too hot? Too cold? Too late? Too early?

Personally I can't stand being too hot and stuffy. You can't really record with the windows open. In the winter at least you can always put more clothes on.

What has made you smile today? (by TheWineyard)

Sadly it was my own bad joke! My sister commented on Foursquare out that I check into a local duck pond rather often. I replied with "Yes, I like to be there when I'm feeling down! Feeling Down!! Get it?" Oh dear...